CHEM 131 Lesson 2 Quiz

CHEM 131 Lesson 2 Quiz

Author: Trudy Webb


1. If a nickel atom formed an ion, what charge would it have?
2. The elements located in groups 3B through 2B are known as 
3. Which of these can be found in the nucleus?
4. If iodine were to form an ion, what would its charge be?
5. Of the scientists listed below, which one did not contribute to developing the model of the atom?
6. What would be the proper way to write the ion formula for acetate?
7. When naming Na3PO4 , it cannot be trisodium phosphate. Why?
8. We discussed diatomic molecules in this lesson. Which of these would NOT be classified in that category?
9. What would be the proper way to write the polyatomic ion formula for perchlorate?
10. How many oxygen atoms are in the formula Al2(CO3)3?
11. Chemistry really is another language sometimes. It abbreviates a lot, and chemical formulas are a way to write a little and still convey a lot of information. For example, consider the chemicals hydrogen, cadmium (III) acetate, Lead (II) Iodide, and tetranitrogen nonasulfide.
Translate these names into chemical formulas using the appropriate procedure described in the course text and my lecture material. Answer the following:
(1) What is the correct formula of each of these compounds?
(2) Explain how exactly (i.e. the procedure used) you arrived at your answer...in other words, walk me through your thinking. You will not receive credit if you don't show your work in detail.
12. Describe, in detail, the "anatomy" of an atom. Include a discussion of all subatomic particles, any associated charges, their locations, how they interact with one another, and explain which of these particles actually identify the atom on the periodic table. Also include a discussion on which of these may change in number in the case of isotopes

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