CHEM 131 Lesson 6 Quiz

CHEM 131 Lesson 6 Quiz

Author: Trudy Webb


1. Which of these statements is true regarding a gas's ability to dissolve in water? It...
2. 'Suppose you have a 0.10 M solution of AlBr3. What is the concentration of each ion
3. Suppose you want to prepare a 2.50 M solution of sodium chloride. If you only have 0.325 moles of sodium chloride, and you must use it all, how many mL must you prepare?
4. Water can dissolve many compounds What happens when an ionic substance dissolves in it?
5. We discussed how some solutions are electrolytes in this lesson. Which of these would be a strong one?
6. Suppose you have a sample of HC2H3O2 with a concentration of 2.0 M. So, what would be the [H+]?
7. We discussed many properties and characteristics of acids in this lesson. Which of the following is NOT one that was mentioned?
8. In this lesson we learned about Kw, which is known as the the ion product constant for water. What is this value?
9. Bases have many useful properties that can be exploited for our own benefit. They are commonly used to make many things that we use. For example, which of these is associated with making fertilizer?
10. If a solution is acidic, which of the following is true? 
11. PART 1: How many milliliters of concentrated HCl (12.1 M) are needed to make the following amounts of acid? You must show all work in detail to receive credit. (a) 5.00 L of 0.100 M, (b) 1.00 L of 6.00 M, (c) 2.00 L of 3.00 M, (d) 100 mL of 0.100 M. PART 2: Explain, in detail, how you would go about making the solution in letter (a) above. Include all detail and terminology as discussed in the Lesson materials
**(PART 1) Calculate the boiling points of these solutions:
0.1 m Na2P
0.2 m NaBr
0.16 m C12H22O11

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