CHEM 131 Lesson 7 Quiz

CHEM 131 Lesson 7 Quiz

Author: Dannie Young


1.We discussed several different types of hydrocarbons in this lesson. Which one is saturated
2. We discussed different types of organic reactions in this lesson, one of which was addition. Which if these will undergo this type of reaction?
3. Endings (suffixes) in the naming process can tell us a lot about a chemical. For example, a compound named "butanal" would be categorized as a(n):
4. Consider the BLUE carbon atom in the formula shown below. What is its molecular geometry
5. We discussed benzene rings in this lesson. So, consider the compound chlorobenzene. How many carbon atoms would it have?
6. We discussed different structures of proteins (primary, secondary, etc.). When considering the secondary structure, what is the repeating pattern that is commonly found along this chain?
7. Of the different protein structures discussed in this lesson, which actually gives the short-range repeating patterns?
8. Of the different protein structures discussed in this lesson, which actually gives the arrangement of polypeptides? 
9. What joins the two strands of the twisted ladder of DNA together?
10. Which of these would NOT be categorized under under the category of "lipds"?
11. *(1) How are the aldehyde functional group and the carboxylic acid functional group similar? How are they different? (2) How are ketone, ether, and ester functional groups similar? How are they different? Be sure you provide detailed answers according to the info form the course materials
12. *(1) Why is DNA classified as a polymer? What are the monomers? (2) What force holds together the strands of DNA? Why would covalent bonding be problematic? You must provide sufficient detail in your answer and incorporate information from the course materials to receive credit

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