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Chi-Square Test for Goodness-of-Fit

Chi-Square Test for Goodness-of-Fit

Author: Al Greene

- Introduce the Chi-Square Distribution (X2) and when it is appropriate to use
- Present how to write the null hypothesis (H0: p1=p1, p2=p2,…, pk=pk) and alternative hypothesis (HA: p1≠p1, p2≠p2,…, pk≠pk) for a Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test
- Introduce the Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test 
- Demonstrate how to perform a Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test using technology (calculator or computer)
- Demonstrate the steps of performing a Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test, included necessary assumptions and conditions
- Practice interpreting calculated p-values in context of the problem to determine statistical significance

This packet introduces you to the chi-square distribution, specifically for use in testing goodness-of-fit. We show you the formula for calculating a chi-square statistic, what conditions must be met for you to use it, and how to interpret p-values for statistical significance.

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What's in this packet

This packet introduces you to the chi-square distribution. We have a powerpoint presentation on the distribution, the formula for the statistic, examples done, and examples for you to do. Some terms that may be new are:


  • Chi-Square Statistic
  • Chi-Square Distribution (X2)
  • Chi-Square Goodness-of-Fit Test

Source: Greene

Goodness of Fit

This short powerpoint gives you the idea of the chi square distribution. The video below shows most of the information in this packet.

Source: Greene

Pearson's Chi Square Test (Goodness of Fit)

Here is a video showing you how to execute the Chi Square Test for Goodness of Fit.