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Children's Christmas Choir 2012

Children's Christmas Choir 2012

Author: Joyce Bott

To provide members of the Children's Christmas Choir all the materials needed to practice for our upcoming Christmas performance at the Christmas Eve Children's Mass this December.

This year, we will be performing 2 pieces:

  1. Children's Christmas Canon - 3 part harmony
  2. Mary's Boy Child - 2 part harmony

This tutorial will provide you with the lyrics and background piano music, so you can sing along and practice with the choir from home.

NOTE: Yes - I realize I'm a BAD kind and try not to laugh :)




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Children's Christmas Choir - Song Selection


This year, we will be performing 2 pieces:

1. Christmas Canon - 3 part round. Watch the video from last year's performance...


2. Mary's Boy Child - Watch the karaoke-style video tutorial below...


Christmas Canon - Children's Christmas Choir 2011

Christmas Canon - Downloadable Lyrics


Mary's Boy Child - Karaoke style video tutorial

Karaoke style video so children's choir can practice at home.

Mary's Boy Child - Downloadable Lyrics


Children's Choir Performance 2012 - Christmas Eve Mass - Great Job Everyone!

Children's Christmas Choir 2012

The Girls Group

The Boys Group

The Suprano's

The Teachers - Tricia, Robyn, Jen & Joyce

The Teachers - Tricia and Jen

Thanks for the extra help Aurelia and Karlie (and Lara, Angelina, Victoria and Cameron too)!

Thanks for the extra help Laura!

Extra Thanks

A BIG thankyou to:

Fr. Pete - For your support

Winnie - For all your behind-the-scenes support and coaching

Rick and Cheryl - For your musical talent on the guitar and organ