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Children's Christmas Choir 2013 - Star of the Sea

Children's Christmas Choir 2013 - Star of the Sea

Author: Joyce Bott
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Song 1 for Children's Christmas Mass:

Do you Hear What I Hear?


Do you Hear What I Hear - Instrumental

Source: The Children's Musicbox Ensemble 2008

Do You Hear What I Hear - Rehearsal Video and Feedback


Group 1 (Main):
-Make sure you hold the last "hear" in the phrase "Do you hear what I hear..." until Group 2 finishes singing the echo.

Do You Hear What I Hear - Christmas Eve Performance

Song 2 for Children's Christmas Mass

Go Tell it on the Mountain (accapella - no instrumental music)


Go tell it on the Mountain - Sample audio

Please replace the lyrics in the sample audio with the lyrics we have provided above.

Go Tell It On The Mountain - Rehearsal Video and Feedback


Group 1 (Main):
-Sounded great up until the "Go tell it on the mountain" chorus which sounded slightly off key. Please start this off quietly so you can hear Laura's voice then once you have the correct pitch you can sing loudly with her.

Group 2:
-Do not sing the "Amens" until the very last line where everyone sings together.
-Be ready to sing the final Amen line immediately after the last echo like this: "See the baby Jesus...lying in the manger...Christmas morning, Amen, amen, ameeeeeeen.

Go Tell It On The Mountain - Christmas Eve Performance

Great job everyone!

A video keepsake for you!

Thanks for your hard work everyone - Merry Christmas!! From Tricia, Jen, Robyn, Amanda, Kristi and Joyce. XOX.

Group 1

Group 2