Children's Christmas Choir 2015

Children's Christmas Choir 2015

Author: Joyce Bott
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Children's Christmas Choir 2015 - Song Selection

The Children's Christmas Choir will perform at the Christmas Eve Mass on December 24th, 2015 at 5 PM. Due to the difficulty level, we are only doing 1 piece this year:

1. Sanctus (in the tune of Pachelbel's Canon in D; inspired by the Libera Boys Choir)

Since our choir is comprised of children with a great range of skill level (ages 4-13), we will be simplifying the piece and dividing the vocals into 2 parts.

Please watch the Rehearsal videos below to help your child practice our version of the Sanctus at home.

Rehearsal Video: Vocals & Lyrics (Blue=Group 1; Red=Group2)

Rehearsal Video - Instrumental (Note: Sanctus vocals will be sung 1 octave lower than piano version - as shown in video above)

Sanctus - Sheet Music

Full Screen

Santus - Lyrics

Latin lyrics with English translation

Full Screen

Inspiration video 1

Libera Boys Choir