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Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)

Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)


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Notes on "Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA)"

(00:00-00:38) Intro

(00:39-00:48) Objectives

(00:49-02:14) What is COPPA?

(02:15-04:10) COPPA Requirements

(04:11-05:09) What is CIPA?

(05:10-07:10) CIPA Requirements

(07:11-07:22) Review

(07:23-08:03) Reflection

Additional Resources

Official Children's Online Privacy and Protection Act Site

 This site provides an overview of COPPA requirements, as well as the full requirements of the act. Teachers and school districts should be aware of this regulation as they move toward integrating more technology into the classroom.

FCC Guide to the Children's Internet Protection Act

This is the official website to the Children's Internet Protection Act. The website helps you to also understand the connection between the act and receiving e-rate funds for technology purchases.

NCSS Compass Wiki 

This wiki provides an overview of the significance of COPPA, CIPA, and FERPA for parents, students, and teachers. The videos and infographics put the regulations in simple language and easy to follow steps to ensure that you are in compliance in your classroom and school.,+COPPA,+and+FERPA