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Children's Liturgy Series: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A)

Children's Liturgy Series: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A)

Author: Joyce Bott

Children's Liturgy Series: 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Cycle A) Tutorial | Sophia Learning.

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Imagine if you met Jesus today, if he suddenly arrived at your house and rang the doorbell. When you realized who this "stranger" really was, what would you do and say to welcome him? Jesus wants us to treat everyone as we would treat him.


Opening Prayer

Lord Jesus, help us to love and care for everyone, by remembering that each person we meet has the spirit of God living inside them. Help us to welcome others knowing that we are really welcoming you.

Gospel (Matthew 10:40-42)

Jesus said to his apostles: "Anyone who makes you feel welcome in their homes, is welcoming me, for I am with you always. Anyone who treats you kindly and shares their food and drink with you, is sharing their goodness with me and my father who sent me. However small or great their act of kindness, they will be rewarded for their goodness."

Source: (credit to Catholic Kids Homilies)


Say: Let’s use our imaginations today. Let’s pretend we have a special visitor coming to visit with us today. Ask: What might we do to make this visitor feel welcome? (Accept all reasonable answers.) 

Ask: What did Jesus say would happen to those who welcomed Jesus’ disciples? (Anyone who welcomes a disciple of Jesus, welcomes Jesus himself.)

Say: When we act in ways that are welcoming to our friends and our family, we are extending that welcome to Jesus himself. That makes our welcoming behavior very important, indeed!

Activity 1: Colouring


Activity 2: Kids Bulletin