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Chinese Writing Skill

Chinese Writing Skill

Author: Chenyun Hu

Learners will learn how to improve their writing skill in this packet: the fundamental strokes and their correct order which helps learners to memorize Characters. Many examples of single characters and compounds are also provided in this packet.


Knowing just 1,000 Chinese characters will enable you to understand approximately 90% of written communication. With 2,500 you'll understand around 98% of written Chinese, and knowing all the 4000 we have listed on these page will enable you to understand virtually 100%. With that, even a native Chinese would be considered literate.

Traditional characters are used in Hong Kong and Taiwan, while simplified characters are used in China. About 65% of the 4000 characters we cover here are exactly the same in both styles -- and many others are quite similar. Therefore, knowing one style would definitely help with learning the other.

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Improve Your Chinese Writing Skills

Writing practice helps to consolidate your grasp of vocabulary and grammar.  Sentences are major components of an article, so begin to write single sentences before short articles. Do it step by step.

Below are major ways we used to learn writing in China in our childhood.

Sentence making

If you have regular extensive and intensive reading, you will get familiar with many useful expressions and sentence patterns. Try to use them as models to do sentence making.

Sentence pattern exchanging

By rewriting the sentences, practice expressing the same meaning with different patterns.

Text shortening and rewriting

It helps to understand the text, and helps to write compositions. It can foster your ability to summarize and to use Chinese freely.

It is good if you have a native Chinese pen-pal to help you check the grammar and words usage.

In addition to practice, writing skills will be improved steadily with your continuous efforts on reading because reading leads to the shaping of your thoughts, which then naturally leads you to respond in writing with varying degrees of fluency.

Recommended mode: Pen-pal, blog

Recommended reference books:

Developing Writing Skills in Chinese

Intermediate Chinese (Routledge Grammars)

Schaum's Outline of Chinese Vocabulary

Learn to Read and Write Traditional Chinese Characters

The characters below are ordered by their frequency of use. For example, this first page includes the top 200 most commonly used Chinese characters.

    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
170: 使


How to Write Chinese - Unit 1

Evolution of Chinese Character