CHM 2045 EXAM 5

CHM 2045 EXAM 5

Author: Joyce Buda


CHM 2045 EXAM 5_____1. A GAS EXERTS A P=4.00 ATM AND OCCUPIES A 10.0L VESSEL. IT IS ALLOWED TO EXPAND INTO A 20.0L VESSEL AT CONSTANT n AND T.WHAT IS THE NEW P IN torr?A) 6.00 torrB) 1.52X103 torrC) 3.04X103 torrD) 190 torr0_____2. A GAS HAS T=27.0 C IN A 10.0L VESSEL. IT IS FORCED, AT CONSTANTn AND P, INTO A 2.00X103 mL VESSEL. WHAT IS THE NEW T IN 0C?A) –193.0B) 8.92X104 C) 5.4 D) ­213.2_____3. WHAT VOLUME DOES 22.0g CO2 OCCUPY AT STP?A) 6.72LB) 5.6LC) 29.1LD) 11.2L_____4. A GAS OCCUPIES A 2.00L VESSEL AND HAS P=5.00ATM AT T=127.00C.THE GAS IS ALLOWED TO EXPAND, AT CONSTANT n, INTO A 10.0L VESSELAT 27.00C. CALCULATE THE NEW P IN ATM.A) .750B) .213C) 570D) 1.33_____5. A GAS OCCUPIES 30.0L AT 57.20C UNDER 380.0 torr. WHAT IS n ?A) 3.19B) 1.81C) 9490D) .553_____6. DETERMINE THE MOLAR MASS OF A GAS IF 1.60g OCCUPIES100.0mL AT 37.00C UNDER 5.00 ATM.A) 50.9 g/mol B) 40.7 g/molC) 6.08 g/molD) 81.4 g/mol_____7. CONSIDER A MIXTURE OF 4.4 g CO2 AND 5.6 g N2 WITH PTOTAL=9.0 ATMDETERMINE PARTIAL P FOR CO2 AND N2.A) .33, .67B) 3.0, 6.0C) .76, .24D) 3.3, 6.7_____8. CONSIDER THE REACTION : N2 + 3H2 2NH3IF THE REACTANTS AND PRODUCTS ARE AT STP DETERMINETHE VOLUME OF NH3 PRODUCED WHEN 9.00 L N2 IS REACTED WITHEXCESS H2.A) 14.0 L B) 27.0 LC) 42.0 LD) 18.0 L_____9. CALCULATE THE urms FOR N2 GAS AT 1270CA) 10.6 m/s B) 597 m/s C) 336 m/sD) 59.3 m/s_____10. CONSIDER THE REACTION: N2 + 3H2 2NH3IF 2.00L N2 UNDER 3.00 ATM AT 27.00C REACTS WITH EXCESS H2 AT THE SAME T,P HOW MANY LITERS OF NH3 CAN BE PRODUCEDUNDER 5.00 ATM AT 52.00C. A) 4.00L B) 2.OOLC) 2.63LD) 68.3LFOR THE NEXT 3 PROBLEMS CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING. A SOLID SAMPLEOF KClO3 IS DECOMPOSED ACCORDING TO:2KClO3(s) 2KCl(s) + 3O2(g)THE O2 PRODUCED IS COLLECTED OVER WATER AND THE FOLLOWING DATA IS COLLECTED: T=250C, PBAR=762 torr, VPWATER AT 250C=23 torrV OF O2 COLLECTED=0.40 L_____11. DETERMINE PARTIAL P OF O2 IN ATMA) 0.972 ATMB) 1.03 ATM C) 1.00 ATM D) .400 ATM_____12. DETERMINE THE MOLES OF O2 COLLECTEDA) 0.017 molB) 0.016 mol C) 0.19 molD) 12 mol_____13. DETERMINE THE GRAMS OF KClO3 USEDA) 1.3 gB) 2.0 gC) 15.5 gD) .011 g

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