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Choosing summer shoes for kids: 4 most needed pairs

Choosing summer shoes for kids: 4 most needed pairs

Author: Kimberley Block

In these three months of happy expanse, the kid needs breathable, comfortable and, certainly, wear-resistant things that can withstand games, excursions and intense trips.  Shopping for new clothes, do not forget to look for suitable shoes. Here are a few models that will come in handy on warm and joyful days.

Light sandals

It is simply impossible to do without this traditional summer style, since it perfectly meets the needs of the crumbs in the hot season. These shoes are wonderfully ventilated, not retaining moisture, and at the same time reliably fixes the children's leg. Parents should not worry about the baby in good sandals: he can freely jump, play catch-up or ride a bicycle without risking injuring himself or tucking his leg, which happens in shoes of “relaxed” styles (flip flops, espadrilles, moccasins).

Water shoes

Picnics, a children's camp, trips to the sea - and these are far from all situations when you need the best water shoes for kids. Given that these are closed shoes, a high-quality model requires thoughtful ventilation. It will be provided with natural tops and / or special breathable inserts made of special mesh fabric or material with small perforated holes.

Comfortable sandals

This is an elegant alternative to sandals for girls. The choice of model depends on age. If the baby is 5-6 years old, you can safely buy elegant sandals with an open toe and ankle strap. But until the child has learned how to fully control movements and follow the steps, we recommend stopping at half-closed styles - they only have open sides.
The natural material of the upper and insoles will protect against overheating, for which responsible manufacturers use plastic leather, shaggy nubuck, velor or textiles.

Fabric slippers

In the summer, this changeable and domestic footwear turns into a full-fledged wardrobe item. Textile slippers are lighter than sandals, and therefore they can not be removed for hours. They will help out on travel (especially if you plan to travel by train or bus), in the country and in kindergarten.

Before buying a summer pair, do not miss the general rules for choosing kid's shoes. Thus, the quality of the acquisition is confirmed by a grooved anti-slip sole.

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