Chords and Inscribed Angles

Chords and Inscribed Angles

Author: chris ludbrook

1.  Use inscribed angles to find arc and segment length.

2.  Use bisected chords to determine the measure of various angles, arc lengths, and segment lengths.


In the previous section, you learned about chords and central angles as well as tangents and arcs.  In this section we will continue our exploration of chords in a circle and will introduce a new type of angle, the inscribed angle. 


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Congruent Chords

A quick proof that congruent chords create congruent arc lengths.

Diameters Perpendicular to Chords

This section will discuss several interesting features formed when a diameter (or radius) intersects perpendicularly with a chord.

Inscribed Angles and Their Measure

Using inscribed angles to determine various measurements.

Proof for Inscribed Angles

While it's not required, this video from Khan Academy proves that an inscribed angle is half of the measurement of the arc that it forms. Interesting view for some of you...

Source: Khan Academy