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Christology Mini Unit Confirmation

Christology Mini Unit Confirmation

Author: Jon McGurran
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Day 2 Origin of Confirmation and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

1.) Tell me about the origin of Confirmation from the stories in Acts. (Acts 2 and Acts 8)
2.) Where did the word "confirmation" come from? What was it called before that?
3.) What are the 6 effects of Confirmation according to the Catechism? (CCC 1316)
4.) Write out each of the 7 gifts of Confirmation, with definition, purpose, effect, and write your own example. (Make sure it is your own example)

D3 Sacrament of Confirmation

1. Describe the basic elements of Confirmation (Matter, Form, Minister) and a summary of what is basically happening.
2. Who is the ordinary minister of Confirmation?
3. What is the purpose of a Confirmation sponsor?
4. What is the purpose of a Confirmation name?
5. How is Confirmation connected to Baptism?
6. What are the minimum requirements for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation? (CCC 1319)