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Christology: Theology of the Body Unit

Christology: Theology of the Body Unit

Author: Jon McGurran
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Sample and instructions for letter to Fr. Kevin

1.) Students will begin writing his or her confirmation request letter. These letters are due to the parish office by February 20, 2013.

2.) Letters due next Tuesday.
If you have questions about your letter refer to the packet of Confirmation sheets from the DMCC parish office. There is a copy of it attached here as a pdf

3.) Students not required to write a confirmation letter will write a letter to a priest, pastor etc. about his or her faith journey.


Ch.1 Theology of the Body: Created for Love.

Theology of the Body

Chapter 1: Created for Love

Journal assignment

1.) Find a picture that summarizes the "meaning of life" for you. Be ready to explain.

2.) Find a picture that explains how you picture God. (Image of God). Be ready to explain.

Study the Vocabulary

Concupiscence: The “inclination to sin” that is present in all humans, inherited through the sin of Adam and Eve, and against which we must struggle to resist “by the grace of Jesus Christ”.

Despair: The opposite of hope, despair is the resolve to give up pursuing whatever was initially pursued.

Dignity: The inherent and unchanging value of all persons as a direct result of their being created by God in His image and Likeness.

Love: A decision to “will the good of another person. John Paul II echoes this same definition in much of his writing on love and adds that love involves a sincere gift of oneself to others.

Lust: It is “disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure”.  It is sexual desire apart from God’s love—a selfish desire that seeks one’s own pleasure at the expense of another.

Original sin: The first sin of mankind against God, when Adam and Eve chose to disobey God’s command and do what they wanted instead. This choice affected all of humanity, giving us all a tendency to sin, a disordered desire to break God’s Law, and a world prone to suffering and struggles of all kinds—including death.

Sacrament: A sacrament makes a spiritual reality visible to us.

Theology: The study of God, or “faith seeking understanding”. Theology is its own science of faithful study, seeking to understand God and His word.

Theology of the Body: A study of God and the purpose of our existence, as discovered and revealed through our bodies.