Author: Dr Wainwright

Know that gas-liquid chromatography can be used to separate mixtures of volatile liquids

Know that separation by column chromatography depends on the balance between solubility in the moving phase and retention in the stationary phase

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Use the following resources and the textbook pages 153- 154 to make an A4 page of notes, including at least one diagram, on Chromatography. Bring this to the next lesson.

Chromatography Slideshow

A slideshow introducing Chromatography

Gas Liquid Chromatography Podcast

A description of Gas Liquid Chromatography

RSC Booklet

Very detailed, designed for teachers. Good extension material.

Full Screen

Source: RSC

Official Textbook

See the official textbook pages 153-154 for additional help

RSC Chromatography Video

RSC Video explaining chromatography