Cinematography Intro: Camera Angles & Shots

Cinematography Intro: Camera Angles & Shots

Author: James Carlson

To introduce three concepts in cinematography (for anyone interested in the kind of things that go into making a movie on the visual end):

1.) Camera Angles
2.) Types of Shots
3.) Framing your shots

Cover image:


Go over the following Angles:
- Bird's eye
- High angle
- Low angle
- eye-level

Go over the following ways to frame a shot:
- Extremely wide shot
- Visible wide shot
- Wide shot
- Medium shot
- Close-up
- Extreme close-up
- Rule of thirds

- Truck
- Dolly
- Rack Focus
- Over the shoulder
- Panning
- Zoom in
- zoom out
- Pedestal
- Dutch tilt
- Cut-away
- Point-of-view

This is not a complete list, there are so so many types of camera shots.The three categories I divided them into are not official; I just think it's a nice way to organize.

All these videos/pictures were taken by me or were screen recorded on youtube.

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Ways to Frame a Shot

These include descriptions for various different ways to frame a shot. Of course you can use these in combination with other shots.


How you can use camera Angles to spice things up.

Specialty Shots

Some of the simple and complicated tricks

Over the Shoulder (with Rack Focus)

Straight Up Rack Focus

Dutch Tilt

Cut Away

Cutting to Grandpa Chip's wordless reaction to What Walker says (I'm narrating because there's no sound) is the cut away.


This is actually a video of a guy making a dolly shot with a camera on the tracks. I pretty much think it demonstrates the idea just the same.

Point of View