Circular Flow

Circular Flow

Author: Erin Curran

By the end of this lesson student will know how they fit into the circular flow of income.  

Students will be able to explain the difference between a resource market and a product market.

They will be able to create and explain a circular flow model, highlighting the role of government, business, and consumers. 

This lesson will introduce students to the circular flow model through video clips and interactive activities. 

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Circular Flow Model in Market Economy

Learning Objectives:

-Understand the circular flow of income and output.

-Create your own circular flow model.  **Be able to explain to a classmate.**

9th Grade Economics - Circular Flow of Income & Output

Types of markets and a description of how the circular flow of income and output works.

Source: Glencoe Economics Today and Tomorrow, by Roger LeRoy Miller Ph.D.

Power Point Notes, from video.

Circular Flow Model of Market Economy

Basics of Circular Flow Model in market economy.

Source: Jason Welker, YouTube video.