Author: Christine Farr


Chapter 8 Quiz
1.    In every popular computer coding scheme, “A” is numerically one greater than “B.”
2.    A two-dimensional array contains two dimensions: ____.
3.    When records are in ____ order, they are arranged one after another on the basis of the value in a particular field.
4.    When you ____ records, you store a list of key fields paired with the storage address for the corresponding data record.
5.    In a ____, items in a list are compared with each other in pairs.
6.    Every time you add a new record to a linked list, you search through the list for the correct ____ location of the new record. 
7.    Why might you never need to write a program that sorts data as a professional programmer? 
8.     List and describe the general rules for sorting an array with a bubble sort. 
9.     Describe a two-dimensional array 
10.Most programmers consciously make decisions about cohesiveness for each method they write.
Chapter 9 Quiz
1.     A method that calls itself is a ____.
2.     Programmers use the term ____ to describe any extra time and resources required by an operation.
3.     A calling method sends a(n) ____ to a called method.
4.     Every time you call a method, the address to which the program should return at the completion of the method is stored in a memory location called the ____.
5.     ____ refers to how the internal statements of a method serve to accomplish the method’s purpose.
6.     A variable passed into a method is passed by ____.
7.     List the items that must be included within the method declaration parentheses.
           8.     Discuss loose coupling.
           9.     Describe what a method’s return statement can return.
            10.   List the four things that you need to know when you want to use a method

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