Author: Christine Farr


You can use the UML’s ____ to construct different kinds of software diagrams and model different kinds of systems.

You use a(n) ____ variation when a use case is less specific than others, and you want to be able to substitute the more specific case for a general one.

You use a(n) ____ variation when a case can be part of multiple use cases.

When system developers omit parts of diagrams for clarity, they refer to the missing parts as ____.

A(n) ____ relationship describes an association in which one or more classes make up the parts of a larger whole class.

Within an event-driven program, a component from which an event is generated is the ____.

Performing an operation on an icon causes a(n) ____.

A ____ is a rectangular object you can click; when you do, its appearance usually changes to look pressed.

Dimming a component is also called ____ the component.

When you use a menu bar, it is at the top of the screen in most GUI programs, and the first menu item is almost always ____.

Array elements all have the same ____ in common.

In all languages, subscript values must be sequential ____.

All array elements have the same group ____.

Besides making your code easier to modify, using a ____ makes the code easier to understand.

A program contains an array that holds all the names of the days of the week. Which of the following is true?

Files exist on ____ storage devices, such as hard disks, DVDs, USB drives, and reels of magnetic tape.

In most programming languages, before an application can use a data file, it must ____.

Characters are made up of smaller elements called ____.

A database holds groups of files or ____ that together serve the information needs of an organization.

A variable usually is passed into a method by ____.

When you ____ a file, it is no longer available to your application.

You can think of the ____ in a method declaration as a funnel into the method.

Each time a method executes, any parameter variables listed in the method header are ____.

A method can return nothing, in which case the method is a ____ method.

Programmers use the term ____ to describe any extra time and resources required by an operation.

Usually, when you create nested loops, each loop has its own ____.

A mistake programmers often make with loops is that they ____.

A(n) ____ is any numeric variable you use to count the number of times an event has occurred.

A(n) ____ loop executes a predetermined number of times.

A loop within another loop is known as a(n) ____ loop.

In a ____, items in a list are compared with each other in pairs.

When you learn a method like sorting, programmers say you are learning a(n) ____.

When you sort records, two possible approaches are to place related data items in parallel arrays and to ____.

When you create a ____ report, the records must have been sorted in order by a key field.

Because “A” is always less than “B”, alphabetic sorts are ____ sorts.

Objects both in the real world and in object-oriented programming contain ____ and methods.

The concept of a class is useful because of its ____.

When you think in an object-oriented manner, every object is a member of a ____.

Object-oriented programmers also use the term ____ when describing inheritance.

The term ____ implies that the type’s data can be accessed only through methods.

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