Author: Christine Farr


What did lost-wax casting enable the Mesopotamian sculptors to create?

Why did Mesopotamian scribes move from pictograms to the more linear cuneiform writing?

Why did the arts develop in Mesopotamia?

Why is King Solomon's authorship of the "Song of Solomon" doubtful?

As noted in the chapter's "Continuity and Change' section, what most distinguishes Mesopotamia from Egypt?

Why did visitors to the ziggurats often leave a statue representing themselves?

What is the Persian Zoroaster's greatest contribution to religious thought?

Which of the following differentiates the Hebrews from other Near Eastern cultures?

What does Hammurabi's code tell about the position of Mesopotamian women?

What was the role of the Hebrew prophets in the era following Solomon's death?

Why did the Egyptians bury their dead on the west side of the Nile?

Why was deciphering the Rosetta Stone so significant?

Why is Nebamun Hunting Birds a sort of visual pun?

Why would Akhenaten's change in the religion create change in the visual arts?

Why can the reliefs on Ramses II's pylon gate at Luxor be viewed as symbolic rather than historical?

What is Imhotep's distinction?

What was left behind by the Nile's annual flooding?

Why are archaeologists so certain that Egypt had contact with other civilizations?

What is one of the greatest changes that took place during the Middle Kingdom?

What radical change in Egyptian religion did Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten) decree?

Along which river did Indian civilization develop?

What does the yin-yang symbolize?

What is considered to be the greatest artistic achievement of the Shang dynasty?

Why did Qin Shihuangdi order the building of the Great Wall of China?

Why did the Zhou claim they were able to overthrow the Shang dynasty?

Why have archaeologists been unable to find many ancient Chinese edifices?

Why is the writing inscribed on the ancient oracle bones easily understood today?

Why do Daoists advocate living in total simplicity?

Why do sensuous form, vibrant color, a profusion of ornament, and rich texture dominate Indian art?

Why has Qin Shihuangdi's actual tomb never been excavated?

Why is a dancing Shiva commonly portrayed within a circle of fire?

Why did the Benin build the massive earthwork walls and moats around their capital city?

After the Han dynasty fell in 220 CE, why did the Chinese reject Confucianism for Buddhism?

What does the moat surrounding the Hindu temple Angkor Wat represent?

For what purpose do modern scholars believe the Shona built massive walls in the Great Enclosure, Great Zimbabwe?

Why did the Heian women write using the new, purely Japanese system, hiragana?

Why did the conquering Spanish build churches on the Inca temple foundations?

Why did Song painters value landscape above other subjects?

Why did the Incas build the remote Machu Picchu, high in the Andes?

What regional samurai clan overthrew the Heians and began the Kamakura Period?

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