Author: Christine Farr


__ requires that all operations of a transaction be completed. 

A consistent database is __. 

A transaction is a ____ unit of work that must be either entirely completed or aborted. 

____ means that data used during the execution of a transaction cannot be used by a second transaction until the first one is completed. 

The DBMS __ the SQL query and chooses the most efficient access/execution plan. 

A DBA determines the initial size of the data files that make up the database; however, as required, the data files can automatically expand in predefined increments known as ____. 

A distributed ____ allows a transaction to reference several different remote database processing sites. 

Data is captured from the OLTP system and placed on the ____ on a near-real time basis. 

From the data analyst's point of view, decision support data differ from operational data in three main areas: time span, granularity, and ____. 

The basic star schema has four components: facts, __, attributes, and attribute hierarchies. 

The __ object is the in-memory representation of the data in the database. 

Explain the transaction log, and what it is used for. 

What are the three basic techniques to control deadlocks? 

List and describe some typical DBMS processes. 

What is SQL performance tuning? 

What is the DBA's managerial role? 

What is a data cube? 

Which of the following tables is NOT a main table for e-commerce database? 

Consider the following SQL Server function. Explain what this function does, what value(s) it returns and what the purpose of parameters and variables declared in this function are. CREATE FUNCTION Mystery(@x int)RETURNS int AS BEGIN DECLARE @y AS intSELECT @y = COUNT(CAR_MAKE)FROM CARWHERE CAR_EMP_SSN = @xRETURN @yEND 

ANSI defines four events0 that signal the end of a transaction. Of the following events, ____ is defined by ANSI as being equivalent to a COMMIT. 

The information stored in the ____ is used by the DBMS for a recovery requirement triggered by a ROLLBACK statement, a program's abnormal termination, or a system failure such as a network discrepancy or a disk crash. 

On the client side, the objective is to generate a SQL query that returns the correct answer in the least amount of time, using the minimum amount of resources at the server end. The activities required to achieve that goal are commonly referred to as ____ tuning. 

A(n) ____ is the code that performs a specific operation on the object's data. 
Which of the following does NOT describe an abstract data type? 
E-commerce styles CANNOT be classified as ____. 
____ Web pages are adequate to display information such as product catalogs or contact information. 
____ Web pages are suited to e-commerce applications such as online ordering with product customization options. 
The ____ was originally created with the objective of sharing data easily, rather than securely. 
____ can be used to create meta-dictionaries or vocabularies for databases. 
Orbitz.com is an example of a ____ e-commerce site. 

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