CIS 115 Final Exam

CIS 115 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


(TCO 1) Displaying data on the screen is considered a(n) _____ operation
(TCO 2) Which statement is not true about variable names
(TCO 3) The statement below would be placed within what symbol on a flowchart?
balance < 1000="">
(TCO 2) Set rate = 15.50 is a process. What data type would you expect the variable, rate, to have
(TCO 3) Which is not one of the three basic control structures used in programming
(TCO 2) When an expression includes relational, logical, and arithmetic operators, which type of operator is evaluated last
(TCOs 2, 7) What is the problem with the following assignment statement, given that grade is an integer variable
(TCO 2) What value will be contained in the variable x after the following statement is executed?
(TCO 2) The statement below indicates that the variable rep is being used as a(n) _____.
rep = rep + num
(TCO 4) For the following expression to be true, _____.
condition1 OR condition2
(TCOs 2, 7, 8) Review the partial pseudocode below. What is the correct math expression to complete the algorithm and calculate 50% of a cost?
Prompt “Enter total cost: “
Input cost
Set _____
Display “50% of the cost is: “ + total
(TCOs 3, 4, 8) Review the pseudocode below. What will be displayed when this algorithm executes?
Set x = 20
If ((x > = 10) AND (x < 20))="">
Display “the IF path executes”
Display “the ELSE path executes”
(TCOs 3, 4, 8) What value gets displayed for the variable X?
Set A = 6
Set B = 10
Set C = 15
If (B < 15)="" and="" ((a="5)" or="" (c=""><= 15))="">
Set X = 1
Set X = 0
Display X
(TCOs 3, 4, 8) In the following pseudocode, what raise will an employee in Department 5 receive?
If department < 3="">
Set raise = 25
If department < 5="">
Set raise = 50
Set raise = 75

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