CIS 170 Midterm Exam Answers

CIS 170 Midterm Exam Answers

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CIS 170 Midterm Exam Answers

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Question 1

Data alteration and denial directly targets the computer by attacking the useful information stored or processed by the computer.

• Question 2

Child pornography is an example of which type of computer crime?

• Question 3

Agnew argues that crime is due to a lack of attachment to parents.

• Question 4

_____________ is designed to impose a sanction on convicted offenders in order to prevent them from continuing to commit criminal acts in the future

• Question 5

Which of the following forms of technology expanded the scope of hacker activities?

• Question 6

The primary avenue of redress for corporations seeking to litigate charges of corporate espionage is the criminal courts.

• Question 7

What major category of information warfare/cyber-terror does “cryptography” fall into?

• Question 8

• Question 42

The primary difference between data alteration and network intrusion is the

• Question 43

According to Kohlberg, right corresponds to seeing one’s own needs met, taking responsibility for oneself, and allowing others to do the same in which stage of moral development?

• Question 44

Criminal statistics on computer crime are

• Question 45

The advent of large-scale computerized databases in the financial services field has made embezzlement a more technically-oriented crime requiring more sophisticated knowledge than was the case 30 years ago.

• Question 46

This group tends to define hackers and their activities in terms of the illegality of hacking.

• Question 47

Which type of computer crime describes actions in which the computer is used only to further a criminal end? In other words, the computer or data contained therein is not the object of the crime.

• Question 48

Despite its contention that modern technological advancements are incompatible with fundamentalist Islam culture, Al-Qaeda has become a primary foe in the digital terrorism area.

• Question 49

Hackers appear to exhibit a subculture that includes:

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