Author: Christine Farr


Application ____ is the process of constructing the programs and code modules that serves as the building blocks of an information system.

Integration testing is sometimes known as ____ testing.

A class diagram includes the class ____, which represent the program logic.

In a structure chart, a(n) ____ line, which has a diamond on one end, indicates that a control module determines which subordinate modules will be invoked.

In a technique called ____ testing, the programmer simulates each program outcome or result and displays a message to indicate whether or not the program executed successfully.

Many organizations require a more formal type of desk checking called a structured walkthrough, or ____ review.

When determining outsourcing fees, a ____ has a variable fee based on the number of users or workstations that have access to the application.

Some industry leaders predict that ____ computing will offer an overall online software and data environment supported by supercomputer technology.

Buyers can customize a software package by ____.

The choice between developing versus purchasing software often is called a ____ decision.

A software ____ is software that is obtained from a vendor or application service provider.

A firm that enhances a commercial software package by adding custom features and configuring it for a particular industry is called a(n) ____.

Although the vast majority of reports are designed graphically, some systems still produce one or more ____ reports that use a character set with fixed spacing.

Input ____ are templates that make it easier for users to enter data.

In older systems, often the user interface mainly consisted of ____-control screens that allowed a user to send commands to the system.

Good interface design is based partly on ____, which provides the operational structure required to carry out the design objectives.

Initial screen designs can be presented to users in the form of a(n) ____, which is a sketch that shows the general screen layout and design.

Interface designers can obtain data, called ____ metrics, by using software that can record and measure user interaction with a system.

A key physical design element is the ____, which describes how users interact with a computer system.

____ is a process for controlling changes in system requirements during software development.

____ means examining the whole in order to learn about the individual elements.

When setting priorities, many IT managers believe that evaluating all projects together leads to the best possible decisions because ____.

Perfective maintenance usually is cost effective ____ the system’s operational life.

Corrective maintenance ____.

____ expenses vary significantly during a system’s operational life and include spending to support maintenance activities.

If significant changes take place in an existing system or if a new version is released, the IT department might develop a ____.

In all cases, a network must use a ____, which is a set of standards that govern network data transmission.

A popular network protocol is ____, which today is the backbone of the Internet.

A ____ resembles a circle of computers that communicate with each other.

A(n) ____ is relatively inexpensive to install and is well-suited to workgroups and users who are not anchored to a specific desk or location.

In the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model, the session layer ____.

In a(n) ____ design, the remote user’s keystrokes are transmitted to the mainframe, which responds by sending screen output back to the user’s screen.

In a client/server design, a database server ____.

Any field that is not a primary key or a candidate key is called a ____ key.

A data ____ language controls database operations, including storing, retrieving, updating, and deleting data.

A(n) ____ is a collection of tools, features, and interfaces that enables users to add, update, manage, access, and analyze the contents of a database.

JDBC enables ____ applications to exchange data with any database that uses SQL statements and is compliant with the standard.

The complete definition of a database, including descriptions of all fields, tables, and relationships, is called a(n) ____.

A data ____, which is a framework for organizing and storing data, consists of one or more files or tables.

In a file-oriented information system, a security file ____.

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