Author: Christine Farr


In addition to configuring software, an IT staff can create a user ____, which includes screens, commands, controls, and features that enable users to interact more effectively with the application.

Some industry leaders predict that ____ computing will offer an overall online software and data environment supported by supercomputer technology.

The software that a company’s IT department makes, builds, and develops is called ____ software.

A firm that offers outsourcing solutions is called a ____ provider.

A user ____ utilizes standard business software, such as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, which has been configured in a specific manner to enhance user productivity.

____ is the transfer of information systems development, operation, or maintenance to an outside firm that provides these services, for a fee, on a temporary or long-term basis.

In a file-oriented information system, a transaction file ____.

____ is an industry-standard protocol that makes it possible for software from different vendors to interact and exchange data

In a typical file processing environment, ____ problems can occur if updates are not applied in every file.

In a file-oriented information system, a security file ____.

In a file-oriented information system, a work file ____.

A data ____ language controls database operations, including storing, retrieving, updating, and deleting data.

A data ____, which is a framework for organizing and storing data, consists of one or more files or tables.

Preventive maintenance ____.

Adaptive maintenance ____.

The ____ is responsible for assigning maintenance tasks to individuals or to a maintenance team.

In a typical system, the initial version of the system is 1.0, and the release that includes the first set of maintenance changes is version ____.

____ expenses vary significantly during a system’s operational life and include spending to support maintenance activities.

Perfective maintenance usually is cost effective ____ the system’s operational life.

When setting priorities, many IT managers believe that evaluating all projects together leads to the best possible decisions because ____.

____ is the process of reviewing the program code to spot logic errors, which produce incorrect results.

A module that performs a single function or task has a high degree of ____, which is desirable.

A class diagram includes the class ____, which represent the program logic.

To achieve better, faster, and less expensive methods of software development, ____ designed the Capability Maturity Model (CMM)®, which improves quality, reduces development time, and cuts costs.

Integration testing is sometimes known as ____ testing.

Many organizations require a more formal type of desk checking called a structured walkthrough, or ____ review.

When developing e-business systems, an in-house solution usually requires a ____ for a company that must adapt quickly in a dynamic e-commerce environment.

A system design where the server performs all the processing is described as ____.

In the OSI (Open System Interconnection) model, the presentation layer ____.

During business hours, a salesperson can enter a sale on a ____ terminal, which is part of an information system that handles daily sales transactions and maintains the online inventory file.

In a client/server design, a database server ____.

A batch processing system has all of the following characteristics except ____.

In a(n) ____ design, the remote user’s keystrokes are transmitted to the mainframe, which responds by sending screen output back to the user’s screen.

For upper-level managers who often want to see total figures and do not need supporting details, a(n) ____ is appropriate.

A(n) ____ is a user interface that allows users to interact with graphical objects and pointing devices.

Interface designers can obtain data, called ____ metrics, by using software that can record and measure user interaction with a system.

A key physical design element is the ____, which describes how users interact with a computer system.

In a well-designed detail report, a field called a(n) ____ field controls the output.

Input ____ are templates that make it easier for users to enter data.

In older systems, often the user interface mainly consisted of ____-control screens that allowed a user to send commands to the system.

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