CIS 273 Week 8 Final Exam

CIS 273 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. The table marked 1 in the accompanying figure has a rules value of ____.
2. With the frame value ____, a border is drawn only on the left-hand side of the table
3. To control the space between the table text and the cell borders, add the ____ attribute to the table tag.
4. The ____ attribute allows you to determine which sides of the table will have borders
5. To create a cell that spans two rows in a table, you enter the tag as ____.

6. The table header, table body, and table footer must all contain the same number of ____
7. Which of the following is a table frame type?
8. With the frame value ____, a border is drawn on the left and right sides of the table
40. Older browsers that do not support the ____ audio element instead rely on plug-ins to play embedded media clips
41. ____ are programs that enable the browser to work with an embedded object
42. A conditional comment uses ____ to specify the condition for Internet Explorer
43. is a file compression format designed for Web audio and is an open source and royalty-free format
44. A proprietary file format developed by Adobe to deliver video over the Internet using the popular Adobe Flash Player is ____.
45. With the embed element, the width and height of the object are measured in ____.
46. Which of the following attributes displays the audio controls in the Web page?
47. ____ is a video format developed by Apple Computer for Windows and Apple computers
48. The ____ parameter starts YouTube video playback the indicated number of seconds into the video.
49. The ____ attibute of the video element automatically restarts the video clip when it is finished playing
50. Each codec is stored within a file called a(n) ____ file.

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