CIS 312 Week 8 Final Exam

CIS 312 Week 8 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. A(n) ____ increases a signal’s strength (amplitude) and can extend a signal’s range by boosting signal power to overcome attenuation.
2. Square waves can be generated by rapidly switching (pulsing) an electrical or optical power source—a technique called ____.
3. A(n) ____ is the maximum number of bits or bytes per second that the channel can carry
4. Messages can be loosely categorized into two types—data messages and command messages.
5. ____ mode uses a single shared channel, and each node takes turns using the transmission line to transmit and receive.
6. Noise can be introduced into copper, aluminum, and other wire types by ____.
7. In DCE, the security server issues security “____” to each party that are exchanged to verify identities.
8. Servers can be offline or idle except when needed to access client resources
9. With ____, a resource user asks for a resource, and if it isn’t found in the local resource registry, the resource locator searches for it in external locations
10. With the ____ protocol, a process on one machine can call a process on another machine
41. __ can be seen in the home when air conditioners, refrigerators, and electric dryers are started and cause a momentary dimming of lights.
42. ____ is the process of determining whether an authenticated user or process has enough rights to access a resource
43. A(n) longer-term power sag that is often caused by the power provider is known as a
44. A ____ consists of a digitizing tablet and a pen, stylus, or both
45. Early plasma displays accepted the same analog video signals as CRTs.
46. ____ is a standard for storing and transporting control information between computers and electronic musical instruments.
47. A(n) ____ is a microprocessor specialized for processing continuous streams of audio or graphical data.
48. On paper, pixel size corresponds to the smallest drop of ink that can be placed accurately on the page.
49. For video display, a pixel displays no light or light of a specific color and intensity
50. The process of converting analog sound waves to digital representation is called ____.

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