CIS 407 Final Exam

CIS 407 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 1) In order to design Web forms in Visual Studio.NET, we use the _______.
2. (TCO 1) Many of the Web server controls have a _______ menu, which allows developers options to perform common tasks and settings
3. (TCO 1) The starting page for the website can be changed by _______.
4. (TCO 2) _______ allow users to select controls by keyboard shortcuts
5. (TCO 2) You can use the ________ to specify the maximum amount of characters that can be entered in a textbox
6. (TCO 2) The CheckedChanged Event for a radio button occurs _________.
7. (TCO 3) You can use ________ to track the state of each user in the application.
8. (TCO 3) The ________ control displays the navigation as menu options
9. (TCO 3) ________ variables are maintained while the browser is opened
10. (TCO 4) To create an SQLDataSource from the Designer, developers can _______.
11. (TCO 5) _______ is the ability for the GridView to display data one page at a time.
12. (TCO 5) The ________ layer is used to contain the data for the application.
13. (TCO 6) Transaction objects in .NET contain methods to
14. (TCO 6) _________ starts the transaction process
15. (TCO 6) _________ reverts the changes in the database
16. (TCO 6) _________, in transaction processing, means that managed resources survive failures
1. (TCO 7) You need _______ in order to add one or more Views to a control
2. (TCO 7) A _________ control can be implemented to allow users to step through a process
3. (TCO 7) The _________ part of ASP.NET Web pages can contain a combination of Web controls, user controls, and HTML syntax
4. (TCO 9) SMTP sends e-mails in _______ format.
5. (TCO 9) A _______ is a web page that can be easily customized by users.
6. (TCO 9) The ________ file controls the configuration of the ASP.Net Web application.
7. (TCO 1) An absolute URL is _______.
8. (TCO 1) When you bind a dropdown list to a data grid, the system will _______.
9. (TCO 1) A _________ is a website that is located on your local computer
10. (TCO 2) You can use the ________ to specify the maximum amount of characters that can be entered in a textbox 

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