CIS115 Final Exam 3

CIS115 Final Exam 3

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCO 1) When creating an IPO Model, program designers generally determine _____ last. (Points : 4)
2. (TCO 1) What is a data item with a name and a value that remain the same during the execution of a program? (Points : 4)
3. (TCO 1) What symbol in a flowchart would be used by a developer to represent the beginning or ending point? (Points : 4)
4. (TCO 1) Set is a process. What data type would you expect the variable, name, to have? (Points : 4)
5. (TCO 1) You are designing an algorithm that will use a date of 01202009. What data type would you choose for this date variable? (Points : 4)
6. (TCO 2) What is a tool that developers use to design logic using English-like statements? (Points : 4)
7. (TCO 2) When a program evaluates mathematical expression, which of the following operators (or mathematical operations) has the lowest precedence? (Points : 4)
8. (TCO 2) Which one of the following is not a valid assignment statement in a program? (Points : 4)
9. (TCO 2) Evaluate (2 * 3) ^ 3. (Points : 4)
10. (TCO 2) Review the partial pseudocode below. What is the correct math expression to complete the algorithm and determine 50% of a cost?
Prompt “Enter total cost: “
Input cost
Set _____
Display “50% of the cost is: “ + total (Points : 4)
11. (TCO 3 & 4) Review the pseudocode below. What will be displayed when this algorithm executes?
If ((x > 10) AND (x < 20))="">
Display “the IF path executes”
Display “the ELSE path executes”
EndIf (Points : 4)
12. (TCO 3 & 4) What value gets displayed for the variable X?
If (B > 15) OR () OR (C <= 15)="">
Display X (Points : 4)

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