CIS170 Final Exam

CIS170 Final Exam

Author: Christine Farr


1. (TCOs 1, 6) Because information in _____ is lost when the power is turned off, that type of memory is considered to be _____. (Points : 5) auxiliary storage, nonvolatile auxiliary storage, volatile RAM, nonvolatile RAM, volatile 2. (TCOs 1, 6) What does IDE stand for? (Points : 5)  Interior Design Environment Integrated Development Environment Integrated Design Environment Interior Development Environment 3. (TCOs 1, 6) Which keyboard function key do we use to compile and run a C# program within Visual Studio.NET? (Points : 5) F5

4. (TCOs 2, 3) A computer uses the _____ numbering system to represent and manipulate data. (Points : 5) 


5. (TCOs 2, 3) The proper operator precedence, from first to last, is _____. (Points : 5) 

subtraction, addition, and multiplication
 addition, subtraction, and multiplication
 exponentiation, division, and subtraction
 exponentiation, addition, and division
 exponentiation, division, and multiplication 

6. (TCOs 2, 3) Your C# program needs to store a single alphanumeric character the user will enter. When your program starts, the default setting for that character should be the letter A. You implement this functionality by writing _____.
(Points : 5)char myVar = A;
 char myVar = ‘A’;
 char myVar(‘A’);
 char myVar(A);

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