Author: Joyce Buda


CIS209 Project Task “Banking Program”To be done individually or in groups of two.Due: Tuesday, January 08, 2012. Hardcopy of work needs to be handed it (SQL statements with report). Running of program to be checked in class. 5% off for each additional day handed in late.Grade: The project is worth 15% of your total grade.The Goal: Get experience in programming using databases.What you need to know for this project: Designing relational databases, SQL, stored procedures. The project is based on the material of Class/Labs.The Task: Implement a Banking Program of a bank providing account/loan services to customers by several branches. Here is the minimum functionality of the application:1. Define/update a customer having id, name, address, date of birth, sex.2. Define/update branch having branch name, address. 3. Define/update an employee having id, name, branch, position, salary, enter date. An employee has customers assigned to them.4. Define/update account having account number, balance, history of operations on it. Each account pertains to a unique branch. History of operations shows operation (deposit/withdraw), amount deposited/withdrawn, balance before and after operation, date, employee responsible for it. 5. Define/update loan having loan number, amount, history of operations on it. Each loan pertains to a unique branch. History of operations shows operation (borrow/return payment), amount of money borrowed/returned, resulting loan amount before and after operation, date, responsible for it employee. 6. List customers together with their number of accounts, total account balances, number of loans, and total loan amounts, living in a given city, having given sex and age, and having accounts and/or loans in a given branch.7. List employees together with the number of assigned to them customers and salary who work in a given branch and who entered it not before a given date.8. List branches together with the number of employees and assigned to them customers, total loan amount, total account balance for branches residing in the given city.9. List customers who made account and loan operations in the given time period

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