CIS355A Week 4 iLab Quick Fast Car Care Application

CIS355A Week 4 iLab Quick Fast Car Care Application

Author: Harvey Maxwell

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CIS355A Week 4 iLab Quick Fast Car Care Application
Step 1: Quick Fast Car Care Application
Quick Fast Car Care is a small business that specializes in oil changes and car washes. Their strategic advantage is providing quick service. To provide quick service, this owner wants a new application that will calculate services provided to customers. The table below has the services and the cost of these services.
Oil Change Cost
Bronze $20
Silver $25
Gold $30

Car Wash Cost
Basic $5
Better $10
Best $15
Your manager wants you to create a prototype Java application using menus that will calculate the cost of a customer getting an oil change, car wash, or both. This application should add the appropriate amount to the total cost when services are provided. When the total menu item is selected, a message box should display the services purchased and the total amount. Allow the client to use the clear menu item to wipe out the memory and start fresh for a new customer. The exit menu item should close the application. Use the screen designs below to model your application.

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