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Citizenship, Economics & Geography Ties Old Salem

Citizenship, Economics & Geography Ties Old Salem

Author: Susette Munday

3.E.1.1-Students can explain how location impacts supply and demand.

3.E.1.2- Students can explain how locations of regions and natural resources influence economic development (industries developed around natural resources, rivers and coastal towns).

3.G.1.1-Students can locate places within the local community and region.

3.G.1.3-Students can provide examples of how people adapt to, change and protect the environment to meet their needs.

3.C&G.2.2- Students can show how citizens contribute to the well-being of the community’s natural environment.

3.C&G.2.3- Students can apply skills learned through civic engagement and public discourse (school, community).

3.TT.1.1 - Use a variety of technology tools to gather data and information (e.g., Web-based resources, e-books, online communication tools, etc.).

This tutorial is detailed to NC state standards for social studies concerning three strands (civics, geography, economics). It is centered around a tour took to Old Salem a historical museum located in Winston Salem, NC. It has a short quiz to check for understanding and activities. Students will be engage in mapping skills, discussions or debates, and brainstorming of civics participation.

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Social Studies Intro

Short discussion on materials and student exploration of the flipped classroom aspects.

Source: Teacher made video by Susette Munday


This is an interview with a guide who explains why this location was chosen by the Moravian German settlers.

Source: Teacher interview with Guide.


The Western Plank Road


This was the longest plank built in NC in the early 1850's. It was a wooden highway that spanned 129 miles (208km), and ran from Fayetteville's Market House stretching  to the village of Bethania near Salem in Forsyth County. This was the first toll and largest in NC that allowed for frequent travel and access to trading goods and services was highly impacted by it in the Salem area.  

Childrens Educational Compass Song- North, South, East, West

A song that students learn directional words that they can associate with prior knowledge and language to apply.

Town Map of Old Salem to Locate Navig

Name: _______________________                   Date: __________________

Part A

Independently research the flags using the names provided and words that describe them (28 stars and stripes…) and fill in the blank with the letter that matches each flag to its correct title.

        A                  B                  C                 D                    E



___b__1-Grand Union Flag of 1775 (Miksch House)   

__a__2-Washington's Flag of 1776 (Salem Tavern)                                            

__d __3-Guiford Courthouse Flag of 1781(Tavern Barn)

__ c__4-First Stars and Stripes 1777-1795 (Single Brother's House}

__ e _5-Star Spangled Banner 1795-1818 (Winkler Bakery; Vierling House)  

Part B

Locate the establishment in the town of Old Salem to pin the correct flags on(this will be done as a group activity during class). These flags are  actually displayed in the town today.  You may go to the web link to print off your own copy of the map from the museums site to make the graphic pictures and wording larger if you choose. To prepare use the list above and the map above this page to prepare for this classroom activity.

Source: Teacher made worksheet

Rubric on how you will be graded.


Source: teacher made

Questions to think about for discussion…

Did supply and demand play a role in where these settlers chose for this villages location?


Why do you think the town was successful?


Can you think of any ways that the Moravians may have adapt to change and protect the environment to meet their needs?


How can citizens contribute to the well-being of the community’s natural environment?


How can a class make a difference in their community or school?