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Citizenship Introduction

Citizenship Introduction

Author: A Montoya

Students will analyze and apply learned concepts of United States Citizenship by completing the attached activity through utilization of our classroom website and the interactive 4 question quiz.

Using our reading resources located on our class website ( define the vocabulary below and use outside sources to aid in your understanding of Citizenship. Make sure you complete this activity and turn it in on our assignment portal located at our class website. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask! And HAVE FUN!


Also you will be taking a 4 question quiz at the end of class

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Step 1: Read Chapter 14 section 2 to gain an understanding of the Basis of Citizenship.
Step 2: Open attachment and download file
Step 3: Complete entire activity using reading resources on our class website
Step 4: Submit in the assignment portal on our class website
Step 5: Take the quiz located on the right hand side of the screen