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Civil Rights and Wrongs

Civil Rights and Wrongs

Author: Orlando Barba

Standard 11.10- Students analyze the development of federal civil rights and voting rights. (emphasis on Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.)

Objective- Students will be able to identify the major philosophical differences between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X.

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Dipping your toes into the water of Civil Rights

Malcolm X said what?

Here is a what Malcolm X though of MLK's ideology.

MLK's Ideas

Martin Luther King Jr was a man of great a ideas and a big heart. It would take days to cover everything he stood for. However, for a quick overview, please click on the link and read the FIRST paragraph in the article.

Optional Overview

If you're still confused about the two leaders, this last article spells it out even better! Click the link and check it out!


Here's the icing on the cake! Click the link below to answer the final question.