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Civil War Virtual Timeline

Civil War Virtual Timeline

Author: Andy McClain

Using Google Slides, we will create a virtual timeline of important events leading up to the Civil War.

I will provide you with the event titles and dates, and it will be up to you to research more information about the topic, as well as finding pictures that relate to the event. 

The more creative you can get with your timeline, the better!

Directions – Each topic will have its own slide (8 slides + 1 title slide).  You will need at least a paragraph (3-5 sentences of information for each slide) Remember to use proper grammar, complete sentences, and check your spelling as you go. *Use your Chromebook to watch videos and explore websites for information.

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Topic Events & Dates:

1)    1619 – First slaves are brought to Jamestown, Virginia Colony

2)    1776 – Declaration of Independence signed, does not free African-American slaves

3)    1791 – Bill of Rights are ratified, 10th amendment says states can create their own laws

4)    1794 – Eli Whitney invents the Cotton Gin

5)    1850-1865 - Underground Railroad

6)    Compromise of 1850 – California admitted as free state, Congress passes Fugitive Slave Law

7)    1860 – Election of Abraham Lincoln and Southern states begin seceding from Union

8)    1861 – Confederate attack on Fort Sumter, Civil War officially begins

*Ideas and tips for what to write in slides:

- Positives and negatives of each event

- How was America affected by this event?

- Your own opinion on the event