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Clarification and Consultation

Clarification and Consultation

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Use Spanish expressions to provide additional clarification and assistance.

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what's covered
In this lesson, you will learn additional phases and questions that you can use to discuss prescriptions in Spanish. Specifically, this lesson will cover:
  1. La Clarificación y Las Consultas (Clarification and Consultation)

1. La Clarificación y Las Consultas (Clarification and Consultation)

The following chart presents some expressions for ensuring that you have covered all of the patient's questions and advised them of what to do if they have any issues with the medication.

Please note that some of the phrases in this section are intended for pharmacists to use in patient consultation specifically.

English Spanish Pronunciation
Would you like to speak with the pharmacist? ¿Quiere hablar con el/la farmacéutico/a? key-air-ay ah-blar cone ale / la far-ma-say-oo-tee-koh/kah
Please call us if you have any questions. Favor de llamarnos si tenga preguntas. fah-bore day yah-mar-nohs see tain-gah pray-goon-tahs
Can you read these directions? ¿Puede leer estas instrucciones? p’way-day lay-air ace-tahs een-strook-see-own-ace
Do you prefer a Spanish label? ¿Prefiere una etiqueta escrita en español? pray-fee-air-ay oo-nah ay-tee-kay-tah ace-kree-tah ain ace-pahn-yole
It is very important that you follow the instructions for taking the medication (given by your doctor / nurse / pharmacist). Es muy importante que siga las instrucciones para tomar la medicina (que le dio su doctor / su enfermero / su farmacéutico). ace moo-ee eem-pour-tahn-tay kay see-gah lahs een-strook-see-own-ace pah-rah toe-mar la may-dee-see-nah (kay lay dee-oh sue doak-tore / sue ain-fair-may-row / sue far-ma-say-oo-tee-koh)
Do you fully understand the instructions for use? ¿Comprende totalmente las instrucciones para tomar la medicina? comb-prain-day toe-tall-main-tay lahs een-strook-see-own-ace pah-rah toe-mar la may-dee-see-nah
Did your doctor explain to you how to take this medication? ¿Le explicó su doctor como tomar esta medicina? lay ace-plee-co sue doak-toar koh-mo toe-mar ace-tah may-dee-see-nah
Do you have any questions about your (acetaminophen) medication? ¿Tiene preguntas sobre su medicamento (de acetaminofén)? tee-ay-nay pray-goon-tahs so-bray sue may-dee-kah-main-toe (day ah-say-tah-mee-no-fane)
Are you taking your medications as prescribed? ¿Está tomando sus medicinas según las instrucciones? ace-tah toe-mahn-doe suess may-dee-see-nahs say-goon lahs een-strook-see-own-ace
How many tablets are you taking each day? ¿Cuántas tabletas toma cada día? k’wahn-tahs tah-blay-tahs toe-mah kah-dah dee-ah
Do you know why you are taking this medication? ¿Sabe por qué está tomando esta medicina? sah-bay pour-kay ace-tah toe-mahn-doe ace-tah may-dee-see-nah
Can you please repeat back to me the instructions that I have given you? ¿Puede repetirme las instrucciones que le dije? p’wayde ray-pay-teer-may lahs een-strook-see-own-ace kay lay dee-hay
It's okay to ask questions for clarification if you don't understand something. Está bien hacernos preguntas para clarificación si no comprenda algo. ace-tah bee-ain ah-sair-nohs pray-goon-tahs pah-rah klah-ree-fee-kah-see-own see no comb-prane-dah all-go
Do not be embarrassed to ask me to repeat something. No esté avergonzado/a al pedirme que le repite algo. no ace-tay ah-bare-gone-sah-doe / dah all pay-dear-may kay lay ray-pee-tay all-go
When will you see your doctor? ¿Cuándo va a ver a su doctor? k’wahn-doe bah ah bare ah sue doak-tore
Please make an appointment to see your doctor for refills. Haga una cita con su doctor para pedirle más surtidos. ah-gah oo-nah see-tah cone sue doak-tore pah-rah pay-dear-lay mahs sewer-tee-dohs
It is important to listen to the doctor regarding correct dosage. Es importante que escuche al doctor con respeto a la dosis correcta. ace eem-pour-tahn-tay kay ace-koo-chay all doak-tore cone ray-spay-toe a la doe-sees koh-rake-tah
Call us with questions or problems. Llámenos con preguntas o problemas. ya-may-nohs cone pray-goon-gahs oh pro-blay-mahs
Call your doctor if you have problems. Llame a su doctor si tenga problemas. ya-may ah sue doke-tore see tain-gah pro-blay-mahs

In this lesson, you learned more vocabulary that will help you with any follow-up clarification or consultation that may be necessary with patients. These expressions will be useful when you need to confirm additional information or tell the patient about next steps.

¡Buena suerte!

Source: This content has been adapted from "Pharmacy Spanish" by Stephanie Langston.