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Class Dojo

Class Dojo


Using class dojo for classroom management for teachers and parents.

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Signing Up

Begin by going to Class Dojo. Once you are there it will ask you to sign up. The first question will be "What are you signing up as?" If you are a teacher you will choose teacher and if you are a parent, you will choose parent.

For teachers, it will ask you to fill in your name and email address. You will also need to add a password so that you have an account to track your students.

Now it is time to add your school. This is where you can find other teachers in your school who also use class dojo. All you will need to do here is search the name of your school in the search box and it should come up. You may skip this step if you choose to.

Now you are done with setting up your account, its not time to make your class!

Creating Your Class

Now its time to create your class and add your students!

This is what your screen will look like when you first sign in. You will need to click on Add a class to add students and a class name.

Once you click on add a class, you can come up with a fun name for your class such as "Second Grade Superheroes". This is also where you will select which grade level your students are in. You may also change the picture for your class by clicking on the small downward arrow on the orange text book.

The next step is adding in your student's names. You have three options for adding in your students. You can either type in your student's names one at a time, you can copy and paste the name's starting with first and then last name's from a word document or copy and paste from a excel document.

Once you have all your student's names in your class, it will ask you to invite parents. This part is up to you. You may either print out individual invitations for each parent or you may send emails directly to them from class dojo.

Students can also make accounts to change their monsters. 

Changing Class

The application automatically has behaviors that teachers can use to reward or take away points. If a teacher feels the need to add a behavior they easily can by clicking on settings in the top right and select edit class. 

This is also where teachers can add in students as well as sharing the class. The cool thing about this app is you can share your class with other teachers in the school. For example, Specials teachers that your class may see, can hop onto class dojo and give your students points while they are in specials. This is super helpful for seeing how students are outside of your classroom. 

Why Use Class Dojo?