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Class Dojo

Class Dojo

Author: Sara Mohlin

Class Dojo is a application or website where teachers can track their students social progress in the classroom. The teacher can award or take away points depending on the behavior the student is partaking in in the classroom.

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How is Class Dojo used in classrooms?

Class Dojo is an amazing tool for teachers, students, and parents to get involved with their students classroom behavior. The app is very user friendly and gives the students a visual way to see how they are doing in the classroom.

For students, Class Dojo gives them the opportunity to create their own little "monster" to depict them in the classroom. They get to visually see and track how they are doing in the classroom. They will see positive and negative points for their specific behavior. 

For teachers and students this is a great tool to encourage students to participate, work as a team, persevere, or you can even customize it to your own classroom! Teachers can post photos and make announcements for parents to view. 

For parents, it is an easy way to track how you child in doing in the classroom. They even have a feature of seeing your child's timeline of when they have great or not so great behavior. Parents have the opportunity to also direct message the teacher about any concerns or praise about their child's performance. 

How to Sign Up and start using Class Dojo in your classroom!

Open a new web browser and go to 

Follow the tutorial below for step by step instructions of how to sign up and start exploring your new classroom management tool! The video also will show you how you give or take away points to your students. This is only the beginning of the many ways to use Class Dojo.

Now it is your turn to explore!

After joining the Class Dojo resource, you can go change and play around with how you want it to look like for your own classroom. Make it personal and fun, that way your students will not only understand the purpose of the tool but will also enjoy using it. 

Goodluck and have so much fun!

Make sure you educate the parents as well to getting set up and having the open communication with you as the teacher!

Enjoy keeping your classroom a fun and successful learning environment!