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Classical Religions PowerPoint Project

Classical Religions PowerPoint Project

Author: David Jensen

Students will explore the major aspects of Classical religions, compare those religions to one another, and then teach their fellow students about the religions they have explored. The religions to be included will be Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Taoism, Hellenism (post-Alexander Greece) , Islam, Judaism,  and Polytheism.

Students will research and prepare a lesson which teach to their class. We will use the combination of these lessons to create a six weeks test over the major religious systems of the Classical Period.

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Project Instructions

AP World History

Power point Presentations on Belief Systems



  1. Select a topic from the list below to research.
  2. Draft a plan, to overcome any power point problems, research the issue and develop the presentation.
  3. Use at least five sources (Internet sites, books, textbooks, news articles, etc.)
  4. Write up all the slides prior to our computer lab time so you can spend the lab time just inputting the information.
  5. Create a Power point slide presentation of 10-15 slides.
  6. These presentations may be selected for placement on-line.
  7. Have a hand-out available for the class (6 slides per page) for note-taking during presentation.  Any hand-outs given to me will be copied for the class. Otherwise you are responsible for making 30 copies.
  8. Electronic version should be turned in on a CD, clearly labeled with a sharpie marker, OR placed in the Briefcase website. (to be explained in class).



  • Textual slides should be accurate and easy to read.
  • Include at least ten visuals (maps, photographs, architecture, symbols, images) in your presentation.
  • Create at least one graphic (chart, table, timeline etc.)
  • Effective, overall presentation- use of bullets, color, backgrounds
  • Use minimal audio/ animation due to system limitations.


Suggested Outline for Presentations:

(may vary based on topic-- use this as a guide)


  1. Introductory slide with title/topic, your names, and AP World History on it.
  2. Define the topic.
  3. Choose several (2-4) sub-topics and create at least one slide for each.  Be sure sub-topics/ slides incorporate aspects from more than one religion.  (see model)
  4. Include Comparisons and Connections where possible.
  5. Conclusions for this topic.
  6. List at least five sources you used. (1 slide)


  1. Introductory slide with title/topic, your names, and Fall 2004 AP World History on it.
  2. Define the topic.
  3. Begin with basic facts about each religion (one slide each) – when, where, numbers, how it spread, important texts, key individuals, significant traditions and rituals (include only the information that is relevant to your topic.  Brevity matters.
  4. Comparisons between the belief systems (2 plus slides- include visuals where possible)
  5. Connections between the beliefs (2 plus slides- include visuals where possible)
  6. Conclusions for this topic
  7. List at least five sources you used. (1 slide)



The content is the most important thing.  Better it be accurate and complete, than pretty.

Textual slides should be easy to read (use MIN 18 point fonts, preferably bigger.)



The goal here is to review belief systems using topics that allow us to compare and / or connect at least two belief systems.  Limited research is necessary.


Possible Topics –  Belief Systems:


(Propose others if you wish.  For example, you may consider any topic that connects or compares at least two or three belief systems.)


Monotheistic versus polytheistic religions

Missionaries (at least 2 belief systems)

Religious Prophets/ Founders (Great Individuals) – Axial Age

Ethics and Morality in Religion (at least 2 belief systems)

Conflict and Religion (at least 2 belief systems)

Gender and Religion (at least 2 belief systems)

Social Structure (Confucian, Patriarchal, Caste system among others… )

Sacred Architecture (at least 2 belief systems)

Role of Ancestors in Religion ( at least 2 belief systems)

Life after Death ( at least 3 belief systems)

Conceptions of Time in Belief Systems (at least 2 belief systems)

Nature of God ( at least 3 belief systems)

Ways Religions Spread  ( at least 3 very different religions)

Holy Cities (at least 3 belief systems)

Other:  ________________________


Include within these topics, attention to any two or more of the following belief systems: Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Daoism, Hellenism (post-Alexander Greece) , Judaism, Polytheism


Each of these aspects must be included within your presentation in addition to covering the above topic:


  • How and When Founded
  • Nature of God
  • Religious Prophets/ Founders
  • Scriptures
  • Monotheistic or Polytheistic
  • Ways Religions Spread
  • Life after Death
  • Holy Cities
  • Sacred Architecture (at least 2 images if your religion has structures)
  • Ethics and Morality
  • Conflict and Religion
  • Gender and Religion
  • Social Structure (Confucian, Patriarchal, Caste system among others… )
  • Role of Ancestors in Religion




Overview of Religions

Geography of Religions

This slideshow is intended for supplemental research, you will have to do further research from additional sources.