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Understand the definition of Species and know the characteristics of the main Invertebrate and Vertebrate groups.

Characteristics and many pictures of different Phyla.

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Follow the link below to test your knowledge on Arthropods.

Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus


Source: Nicolaas Strating

Dichotomous Keys

Dichotomous Keys are an important tool for classifying different species of organisms. Your IGCSE exam will most likely have a 1 or 2 questions where you have to use them. If you pay close attention and read carefully, you should always be able to come to the correct answer.

Source: Mars Drollinger

Dichotomous Key Insects

To discover what a particular species is, biologists use dichotomous keys to
help them identify things. Dichotomous keys are set up in paired statements
which are contradictory to each others. The organism either is one or the
other. Once you have picked one statement which applies to your organism,
you can move forward and try to narrow it down more.

Have a close look at the document, then answer all questions using the online form below.


Source: Daintrey’s Doings

Dichotomous Key Insects (online answer form)

Answer all questions using the uploaded dichotomous key of Insects. In case the form below is not working, use the following link:

Source: Daintrey’s Doings