Classification of Sensory Receptors
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Classification of Sensory Receptors

Author: Aaron Mullally

This lesson will discuss the main categories of sensory receptors and their pathways.

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Pacinian Corpuscle Image; Public Domain: http://bit.ly/UysJM4 Photoreceptor image, Public Domain: http://bit.ly/TvcI5d; Renal Corpuscle image, Creative Commons: http://bit.ly/S0k1Pt; Head olfactory nerve image, Creative Commons: http://bit.ly/Q8CK1n; Human Skin image, Creative Commons: http://bit.ly/SfUMK6

  • Sensory System

    A system that detects stimuli, converts it to a nerve impulse and sends it to the brain to be interpreted.

  • Sensation

    The awareness of a stimulus.

  • Perception

    The understanding of a sensation.

  • Mechanoreceptor

    A sensory receptor that detects pressure, position and acceleration.

  • Thermoreceptor

    A sensory receptor that detects temperature changes (hot and cold).

  • Nociceptor

    A sensory receptor that detects pain.

  • Chemoreceptors

    A sensory receptor that detects chemicals dissolved in liquids or gases.

  • Osmoreceptors

    A sensory receptor that detects changes in water volumes and therefore changes in solute concentrations.

  • Photoreceptors

    A sensory receptor that detects visible light.