Classifying Polygons

Classifying Polygons

Author: Fred Hennen

To understand what is a polygon. Then to understand how to classify polygons by the number of sides they have, if they are concave or convex, and if they are regular or irregular.

This packet will examine polygons by providing a definition for the different types of polygons (including convex, concave, regular, and irregular polygons). Many examples and practice problems will also be provided to ensure a strong understanding of classifying polygons. To wrap everything up, the packet will end with a catching video/song from They Might Be Giants titled "Nonagon."

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Test Your Understanding

Complete the following to see how well you understand the topics in this packet.

Challenge Yourself

Look for similarities and find the word that best describes the polygons in each part of the Venn diagram.


Thanks to They Might Be Giants, my kids know what a nonagon is. Have fun with this.

Source: They Might Be Giants: Here Comes The 123s