Classifying Polygons

Classifying Polygons


    Define polygon, vertex (consecutive and non-consecutive), diagonal, concave, convex, and regular.


    Introduce the different types of polygons (triangle, quadrilateral, pentagon, hexagon…).


    Provide examples that allow practice in classifying polygons.


This packet should help a learner seeking to understand how to classify polygons.

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Introduction to Polygons

This video introduces polygons and defines several terms, including polygon, vertex, concave, and convex.

Source: RobertOB on Guaranteach

Regular and Irregular Polygons

This video introduces regular polygons and describes their properties.

Source: RobertOB on Guaranteach

Introduction to Triangles

This video introduces triangles.

Source: Justus on Guaranteach

Introduction to Quadrilaterals

This video introduces quadrilaterals.

Source: RobertOB on Guaranteach

Regular Pentagons

This video describes regular pentagons.

Source: RobertOB on Guaranteach

Regular Hexagons

This video describes regular hexagons.

Source: RobertOB on Guaranteach

Regular Octagons

This video describes regular octagons.

Source: RobertOB on Guaranteach

Practice Identifying Polygons

This slideshow presents several questions a learner can use to test their understanding of the material in this packet.