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Classroom Communication

Classroom Communication

Author: Mike Gannon

Students will be able to utilize Edmodo as a flipped resource for content and discussion to prepare for an in class silent Socratic debate using Today'sMeet back channel (

Students will compare the Constitution of the United States to the Constitution of the Confederate States.

All students must be registered on a class Edmodo account. Teacher shall link primary and secondary resources either as a PDF or through Google Applications that can be viewed by all students. [Documents should be analyzed using methodologies taught in class] Students will read the material and post any conversation points on the Edmodo chat room. They will also have a list of possible debate questions shared through Edmodo in preparation for the Socratic debate. 

The day of the debate, students will log in to the class chat room through Today'sMeet and debate the questions and articles. Today'sMeet has a feature to project real time comments, which can be done in the classroom and to embed the discussion on Edmodo for follow up assignments (i.e. Debate rubric grading, open ended questions). 

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