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Classroom Discussions (Bully Unit- Concept #3)

Classroom Discussions (Bully Unit- Concept #3)

Author: Nichole Carter

During the bullying lit circle unit, students will be working on mastery of 8.RL.2 & 8.RL.3 (with a major focus on character analysis)

1. Tonight's video talks about how to have a great group discussion during our lit circle unit.

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1. Sign into sophia!

​2. Watch video and take notes

3. Pause video when asked, and watch additional video and take down 2-3 bullet points of what you noticed.

4. Continue watching video and taking notes

5. Do digital WSQ and submit!

Tonight's Video

Source: Created by Nichole Carter, power point and

Watch this video when I tell you to pause my instruction:

Source: Studysync on YouTube

Digital WSQ