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Classroom Management Tools

Classroom Management Tools

Author: Amber Johnston

For students to explore different technology-driven classroom management tools and understand how to properly implement them within their future classroom.

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Questions to Consider:

  • How can I create a classroom environment that is safe and secure for my students?
  • How do I bridge the gap between parent-teacher communication?
  • How can technology and classroom management tools help me maintain stability within my classroom?
  • What are the possible setbacks of using tools such as Dojo, Remind or Edmodo?
  • Have you seen any of these tools or others used in your fieldwork setting? How?
  • Can you see yourself using classroom management tools such as these within your future classroom?
  • What other classroom management practices have you seen or experienced? (with or without technology)

Web Tools for Classroom Management

This site provides a list of web tools that teachers can use to assist in creating a well managed classroom.

Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a free, easily accessible and interactive classroom management tool for teachers. With Class Dojo teachers can improve student behavior by implementing a reward system within the classroom, easily share data with administrators and parents, and save time by recording accomplishments in class right as they happen. Check out these links to learn more about Class Dojo!


Remind aims to bridge the gap between teachers, students and parents by creating instant, easy connections via safe and secure text messaging.


"Edmodo is where education meets innovation."

The following links will help you explore and become familiar with edmodo:


Useful tips / ways to use edmodo in a classroom:


Watch these webinars to see how teachers are currently using edmodo in their classrooms: 


How to create a teacher edmodo account:


Teacher's Guide to Edmodo