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Clinical Business Studies for Complementary Therapies

Clinical Business Studies for Complementary Therapies

  • The aim of this unit is to develop knowledge,understanding and practical skills in researching,planning, maintaining and marketing a business in the complementary therapy industry. As well as enhancing effective communication with clients and colleagues.
  • To understand the key business criteria required for complementary therapies
  • Be able to research a business concept
  • Be able to prepare a business plan
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Session 1 CBS

Introduction to Unit learning outcomes
How will you be assessed
What you have to do each session to prepare for the next session
looking at the environment of the where complementary therapies are offered (hint have we covered this in another module)
What system does college use as an appointment system?

Source: bircumshawb@LTchesterfieldcollege-Xtranormal

Session 2 CBS

2nd Flipped CBS Session laying out what needs to be covered;
Research different Complementary therapy business models,
Look at the advantages and disadvantages of the different business types, products and services they offer.
What resources are needed.
Make an overview of the complementary environment.
Look at legislation already have covered. (this is from another module P&P
Make lists of stuff you want to discuss with others or complete what you want to cover yourself?
SMART target for all learners: bring in the legislation to next session and cross check it with peers and standards .

Source: BBircumshaw LTchesterfieldcollege-Xtranormal

VTCT L3 CBS Flipped learning session 3

Before the next session

You are required to review different Complementary Therapy business models ( make notes)

This means looking at the modalities covered in Principles and Practice and researching these different modalities. 

Check out alternative and holistic practices use the text books:

Beckmann H and le Quense S (2005) The Essential guides to Holistic and Complementary Therapy Thomson session 2 video! 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different business types, products and services they offer.

Look at what resources you require to start a business.

and make a review of the complementary environment and plan out a business strategy overview.

Don't forget to include relevant legislation. (hint- covered in H&S and P&P)

Bring all your research findings into session for group work and discussion .

(Remember to discuss things with your peers or the groups you have been in this week)


Hey! don' t forget to make lists of stuff you want to discuss with others or complete what you want to yourself


VTCT L3 CBS 10 step guide to questionnaire Design by RCU

Session 4 A YouTube video about the key concepts of designing a questionnaire to elicit information on business and strategy options.

Watch and make notes to help with your design options for a questionnaire.

VTCT L3 Flipped CBS 5

Session 5Salon Interior

In teams given out in session:                                                                                             Review the individual Complementary therapy business models,

This will mean communicating and collaborating outside college; you will need to work out how you are going to manage and implement this.

Your task is:                                                                       to ask relevant and pertinent questions from the business staff           (Group 1 out in commercial enterprise     and                                                                      Group 2 from the commercial salon)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     in order for you to use the information from the questionnaire designed in session.

You need to remember to cover:

The advantages and disadvantages of the different business types, products and services they offer.

What resources did they require to start their business./ system

Ask if it would be possible for you to view the complementary environment and from this plan out a business strategy overview.

What relevant legislation must they include?

Bring written findings into next session. to work in groups to define your business development plan.

Make lists of stuff you want to discuss with others 

Source: Text Picture/

Holiday reading :)

Business Practice for Therapists by Nicola Jenkins 

Jenkins N (2003) Business Practice for Therapists Hodder

Read chapter 8 Making your business work for you.

Write down at least 1 question to ask during Q&A at the next session!


Source: Book :Jenkins N (2003) Business Practice for Therapists Hodder

VTCT L3 Flipped CBS 6

Find out the definition of ENTERPRISE

You will need to have collected the whole of the information from the last few sessions

You will put into 2 groups- 1 group will be setting up a business for a mobile or self employed therapist

the second group will be looking at setting up a business for a small company.

The second group will be out in a work situation and your task is to be prepared for all eventualities!!!


Business Planning

what do you need to consider when drawing up a business plan


How to prepare an effective business plan

Ideas to ensure you use your time effectively to prepare an effective business plan


The next session will be is the final session and the presentation of your Business Plan. 

There will be 2 groups; each group will have 20 mins to present their Plan and then 10 mins for questions 

Every person needs to have at least 1 question to ask about the presentation or business plan

This could include

Did you enjoy making the ...

Which aspect did you find most difficult to research

How do you....

If you were to do this again what would you change etc


Make sure as a group you are prepared

Ensure you have copies of your literature to give out

Have you prepared through research so you will be able to ask off the floor questions

Can you provide answers to the question set by the criteria


You will be given time at the end of the presentations to reflect and discuss in an open forum your ideas and observations


VTCT L3 CBS 7 Reflection


Now you have completed your presentations and received feedback, your task is to critically reflect on your findings... 

you can do this through;

a video or audio recording

a written diary

a reflective account

an animated sequence

or any other negotiated medium,

Think about....

Did you enjoy the experience?

What went well?

What went not so well?

What would you differently next time?

How did you work in a team?

How did you work independently?

What have you mastered through this?

What do you still need to master? 

Anything else?


Please complete for next session and add to your SMART list

Thank you for contributing... this project would not have worked if you had not communicated and collaborated, so well done! another 2 skills can be ticked off in the qualification handbook as complete!