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CMGT 410 WEEK 4 Learning Team Project Costing

CMGT 410 WEEK 4 Learning Team Project Costing

Author: Yanis Gherasim
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CMGT 410 WEEK 4 Learning Team Project Costing


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The allocation and cost of resources need to be carefully monitored if a project is to be delivered on-time and on-budget.

At a minimum the paper will contain the following:

Describe the total project duration based on your MS Project Gantt chart and explain which method the team use to determine estimates

Describe the people equipment supplies and any other resources you included in the Gantt chart

Summarize the financial costs and include budget report

Write a 850 – 1,000 word paper on your new findings on the sections due this week. Compilethe sections from weeks 2, 3 and 4 into a single document for submission The paper mustinclude the names of the students in the team and the sections completed by each team member.

Update the MS Project WBS by adding:

Assign resources to project tasks (both labor and material)

Add cost for all resources

Add task estimates and their sequencing (include precedence relations).  Highlight the critical path(s) arising from task dependencies ultimately determining the minimal duration of a project.

Save a baseline for your MS Project schedule Gantt chart so that all future variances are captured.

Submit your paper to the Center for Writing Excellence Plagiarism checker and post the resultswith your assignment.  I realize that it takes a day or so to obtain the results so you can submit this a day after you submit your paper.

CMGT 410 WEEK 4 Learning Team Project Costing